Italian Newspapers Announces Biometric Payment Card Pilot in Italy by Mastercard and Intesa Sanpaolo

By | November 5, 2018

Today, two major Italian newspapers, la Repubblica and Corriere della Sera, published articles on Biometric Payment Card pilot in Italy by Mastercard and Intesa Sanpaolo.

Corriere della Sera titled “Per pagare basta l’impronta digitale” that translates in “Pay just with fingerprint” while la Repubblica titled “Il codice Pin sostituito da un pollice” that translates in “Pin code replaced by a thumb finger”.

While Corriere della Sera (page 49) reports that the pilot will be announced on November 7 at Payvolution – Salone dei Pagamenti 2018 in Milan, Repubblica (page 59) reports that the very same pilot has already been done and that at the event will be presented its results. So, the two reports seems to me slightly conflicting.

Both articles mention Milan, Turin and Rome as places for the pilot.

Whichever will be the truth we just need to wait for Wednesday November the 7th at 2pm to know what’s cooking. I will be there to report live from Salone dei Pagamenti.

Stay tuned!

Antonio D’Albore