New iPhones The First To Support Esim And T-mobile The Czech Republic’s First Operator To Be Ready For This Technology

By | September 25, 2018

Prague, 25 September 2018 – T-Mobile will offer the new iPhone XS and XS Max models from Saturday, 29 September; the XR model will expand T-Mobile’s offer less than a month later, on 26 October. Major new features of the three models include support for an integrated eSIM. T-Mobile is the first operator on the Czech market to be ready for support of this technology. 

How the eSIM works

eSIM (embedded SIM) has the same functionality as a standard SIM card. However, users do not insert it in the device but only upload the eSIM profile to it via a QR code. After that, the device is connected to T-Mobile’s mobile network as it would be with a standard SIM card. Several eSIM profiles can be saved on a device simultaneously, while only one is active (i.e. connected to the mobile network) at a particular moment. 

Support for the technology in the world and in the Czech Republic

According to Apple, eSIM is supported in the new iPhone models in ten countries with a total of fourteen operators. Thanks to T-Mobile, this service will also be available to customers in the Czech Republic. “The new iPhone models will first support only standard SIM cards. As soon as Apple carries out the announced SW upgrade, our customers will be able to use all features of the iPhones. T-Mobile is the first operator in the Czech Republic that is ready to support eSIM technology,” says Jan Fišer, Innovations Manager in charge of the eSIM project at T-Mobile, adding that the manufacturer’s upgrade of the iOS 12 operating system should be done by the end of this year. 

Future marked by eSIM technology

“We expect that manufacturers will gradually turn away from plastic SIM cards and will integrate eSIM into their phones and other devices,” says Juraj Bóna, Vice President B2C Marketing and Product Management at T-Mobile. The new Apple iPhone models are the first devices with planned eSIM support in T-Mobile’s offer and the operator is prepared to expand its offer in future to also include devices by other manufacturers. 

The introduction of eSIM cards is closely related to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), as the technology enables easy activation, administration and control of multiple IoT devices. These include, for example, smart watches, fitness trackers and utility metering sensors, as well as smart cars and other accessories that we currently connect with our mobile handsets. 

Price list of the new iPhone models on offer from T-Mobile:

Model Colour Basic price in CZK incl. VAT Price in CZK incl. VAT with the Mobil M tariff   plan Price in CZK incl. VAT with the Mobil L/XL/XXL tariff plans
Apple   iPhone XS 64GB grey, silver, gold 29,989 27,989 25,989
Apple   iPhone XS 256GB grey, silver 34,489 32,489 30,489
Apple   iPhone XS 512GB grey* 40,489 38,489 36,489
Apple   iPhone XS Max 64GB silver 32,989 30,989 28,989
Apple   iPhone XS Max 256GB grey 37,489 35,489 33,489
Apple   iPhone XS Max 256GB gold* 37,489 35,489 33,489
Apple   iPhone XS Max 512GB grey* 43,489 41,489 39,489

* Available only via the e-shop. 


About the Company

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