eshard’s esDynamic is chosen by a major secure-chip developer to build a best-in-class solution for enhancing security analyses

By | September 10, 2018

Bordeaux, 10th September, 2018

esDynamic platform has been selected by STMicroelectronics’ expert laboratory in cryptography and related attacks to bring their security analyses, such as side-channel, to the next level.
esDynamic platform from eshard is the most powerful solution to characterise and validate the security of implementation. Using the latest technologies, esDynamic is particularly suitable for organisations willing to exploit their computation capabilities and structure their knowledge and research efforts for long term benefits. With their software solution, eshard is keen to provide the most effective way to validate their products in an increasing demand of security. eshard solutions are particularly suitable to address the semiconductor, handset, automotive industries, and more generally speaking to address the connected devices in the Internet of Things.
“eshard’s esDynamic toolset allows ST to unify our characterization work with a high-performing and flexible framework. We appreciate the capability to integrate our own signal-processing development and attack techniques through templates in the familiar PC environment with a suitable and effective display. Managing traces is flexible and efficient, and standard analysis means can be optimized. It offers an effective way to share characterization results between security experts and designers. It finally brings us a high confidence in the security of our products for a long-term resistance” said Pierre-Yvan Liardet, Manager of Secure Microcontrollers Cryptographic and Security Lab at STMicroelectronics.
“esDynamic is a platform designed by experts for experts, said Hugues Thiebeauld, CEO of eshard. Everything has been done to facilitate the work and give a total freedom for the user. I trust they will have the right framework to expand their knowledge and keep their secure products among the best.”
Notes for the editor
Companies relying on cryptography to protect their assets need to understand possible vulnerabilities in their products. Side-channel analysis is however becoming more and more complex as various skills are needed, which are usually not in the same hands.
esDynamic Analyst Development Kit (ADK) platform is an eshard-developed all-in-one framework to perform in-depth security analyses in embedded systems and mobile applications. It aims at easing the teamwork of embedded security experts. esDynamic allows security experts to perform side-channel and binary analysis more efficiently – thus sparing their valuable time.
Featuring a comprehensive and user-friendly toolbox dedicated to security analysts, esDynamic modular architecture makes it possible to add new and custom features along the way. Side Channel Analysis is one of the available modules.
esDynamic side-channel analysis capabilities allow to conduct research or state-of-the-art analysis on sensitive codes, in a proper and efficient way, by providing analysis reports and documentation, including LaTeX, graphics and dynamic widgets. It supplies eshard’s best-in-class trace observation widget, which allows enhanced trace alignment. Powered with Side Channel Analysis, esDynamic is the fastest tool in the market for processing 1st and 2nd order statistical attacks (DPA, CPA, MIA) on all popular algorithms (DES, AES, RSA).
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About eshard
Sensitive data in mobile and IoT are increasingly exposed to more and more sophisticated threats. eshard aims to be a trusted partner to developers and solution providers for understanding and analyzing the risks in those complex technical areas. Our highly educated R&D teams are continuously analyzing current and potential security threats. With applying the right techniques and developing innovative tools, eshard helps ensure your product is secure today and beyond. eshard aims to guide you towards becoming aware of the threats, enabling you to make your product stronger from a security perspective. This will ultimately give you peace of mind that it will withstand attacks. Because of our independent character, our advice is impartial with your best interest in mind.
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