Appointment Frederik Kortbaek as Director at EAB

By | August 22, 2018

The European Association for Biometrics is pleased to announce the appointment of Frederik Kortbaek as Director, where Frederik will join the newly formed Executive Committee.

As the leading voice for biometrics and digital identity, for Europe, the EAB is a vendor neutral association aiming to promote the responsible and inclusive adoption of modern digital identity systems to enhance peoples lives and drive economic growth. Members and ID stakeholders meet regularly at EAB hosted events, across Europe.

The appointment of Frederik comes at a time when biometrics and digital identity are increasingly a part of everyday life for Europe’s 750 million citizens. According to Michiel van der Veen, Chief Executive of the EAB: ‘’We are at a critical junction where there is a need and urgency for Europe to have an independent body that can foster debate and provide trusted and impartial expertise to its ID stakeholders. We are proud and honored that Frederik will join our team and support EAB to drive our mission.’’

Frederik Kortbaek says: “With my legal background and passion for digital technologies including digital identity and biometric and the drive to support the European agenda I am honored to join the EAB. My focus will be to further raise the profile towards an inclusive organization across Europe.


About Frederik

Frederik is an experienced professional with a passion to drive digital technologies taking into account the stakeholder interests, legal implications and the impact on society as a whole.

After a career in the family business, Frederik was involved in many activities on a technical and political level both in Denmark and Europe. Highlighted activities are the Danish Data Protection Initiative conference with over 1,000 participant to date, collaborating with Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch to setup a one-of-a kind educational program at the Technical University of Denmark targeting the Nordic countries, participation in several European FP7 projects and chairman of the Danish Security Initiative and Danish Biometrics, one of the first research and knowledge networks on biometrics.

Frederik Kortbæk has a law degree from University of Copenhagen.

Source: EAB