The EIC Group Holding Announces The Launch Of Elite Influential Payment Card With Biometric Technology & Social Club Member Benefits

By | June 13, 2018

NEW YORK, June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The EIC Group Holding, in collaboration with MiNiT Financial Services, Inc., the leading payment encryption technology brand in the U.S., today introduced the new Elite Influential Card. The card will offer biometric technology utilizing cardmembers’ fingerprints for the most secure payment system use as well as valuable exclusive event membership benefits and discounts. Additionally, to celebrate the card launch, this summer The EIC Group Holding will be giving away tickets to Formula 1 events to select Elite Influential cardholders. 

The Elite Influential Card is a new general purpose reloadable prepaid card with an embedded EMV chip which features an NFC enabling feature and proprietary “live” fingerprint sensor that adds a biometric layer for extra security when making card payments. 

Elite Influential Card Benefits:

  • Biometric technology ensures only registered card members (up to 8) can use the card
  • Exclusive events for card members including VIP access to the most elite social calendar experiences

The EIC Group Holding makes using a card for payments more secure than ever before. Utilizing a patented technology, the Elite Influential Card requires fingerprint ID allowing for authentication in real time. Its intelligent biotechnology fingerprint system allows for customers to make payments securely with the touch of your finger.

“We’re excited to introduce the Elite Influential Card and offer interested applicants the ultimate security a card can offer. We listened to existing card carrier feedback and patented an enhanced encryption technology that delivers on what card carriers value most – security,” said The EIC Group Holding’s Global Director of Business Development, Anastasia Rader.”By offering additional benefits such as access to exclusive VIP events, the new Elite Influential Card rewards customers for their social network and net worth and throughout their travel journeys.”

Highlighting the purpose that can be unlocked through social network, The EIC Group Holding has partnered with exclusive events to inspire card members to find their own passion and purpose, whether that’s attending Formula 1 events or glitzy award ceremonies.

Interested applicants may apply for the Elite Influential Card and register for the Elite Influential Club. Applicants will only have access to the social media website after they are approved and receive their cards in the mail. Then, they will register their cards on the site and will be able to enjoy the Elite Influential Social Network, a club that invites card users to become a part of the most exclusive and ultra-secure social network by offering safe communication without data mining or data collection.

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The EIC Group Holding, LLC is a leading Affluent Payments encryption technology brand in the U.S. in association with MiNiT IP Holding LLC. It utilizes the MiNiT IP Holding proprietary “live” fingerprint sensor that adds a biometric layer for extra security when making card payments.

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