Card Tech’s dual interface energy harvesting biometric smart card enters final development phase and is powered by latest generation sensor from Fingerprints

By | May 25, 2018

Card Tech, the biometric integration company pioneer of the biometric smart card, announces entering into a technical cooperation agreement with Swedish biometric company Fingerprints

Card Tech announces plan to bring the dual interface version of the biometric smart card to the financial markets. This new product, developed on parallel with the Contact Only version of the Biometric Smart Card, is expected to reach the testing phase in H2 2018.

“We would like to be the biometric technology enabler for all tier-two smart card integrators” says Fabrizio Borracci – CEO of Card Tech “the modular electronic layer we developed, integrating Fingerprints’T-Shape module and a universal Secure Element, makes our Smart Card architecture capable of matching the biometric data of the user internally, not leveraging external fingerprint readers or central databases.” This turnkey product is targeting all the worldwide smart card manufacturers that, even the ones not capable of modifying Operative Systems in-house, want to offer to all the issuers/banks of their client portfolio a Biometric Smart Card solution. “The price positioning of the solution has been one of the key areas of focus and we did everything possible to make it extremely competitive”, continues Fabrizio Borracci.

“We are glad to be cooperating with Card Tech to advance the market for dual-interface biometric smartcards. As we have pointed out several times, collaboration is key in the smartcard and payments ecosystem.” says Thomas Rex, SVP, Business Line Smartcards, at Fingerprints.

This new product offering will fuel the growth of the biometric smart card market, with Card Tech confirming its leading position, not limited to a technologically state-of-the-art security architecture. In fact, Card Tech’s patents has been granted worldwide and will ensure wide coverage to all the partners that will choose its offering to bring the Biometric Smart Card to the Market.

Thanks to the Biometric Smart Card technology, consumers will enjoy a superior user experience, at any EMV terminal either by contact or contactless payment, with no additional cost or burden for merchants. Issuers will take advantage of significant savings form better fraud management and customer loyalty.

The company targets Q4 this year to start early external testing, with pre-orders starting in the same quarter, while mass production is expected in the first half of 2019.

Product roadmap is not limited to the payment market: Card Tech is also targeting the physical and logical access control markets, with dedicated versions of the products to be tested in the second half of 2018.