Old Israeli ‘Rav Kav’ Smart Card May No Longer Work; Riders Urged To Upgrade

By | February 21, 2018

The Ministry of Transportation calls for holders of Rav Kav smart cards issued before 2016 to replace them, before they are restricted. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis holding Rav Kav smart cards issued by Egged before 2016 will have to replace them.

The Ministry of Transportation and Egged invite the veteran card holders, those with cards without the computer chip, to come to an issuing station in order to obtain new cards without cost.

 The reason: Without the chip, the card holders will have limited charging options and will not be able to use the new charging mechanisms for the card – such as kiosks and home charging via the Internet. The need has become more urgent in Jerusalem, where Egged buses will no longer be able to charge the old cards, and will soon begin allowing boarding at all bus doors to shorten the time spent at the stations. The move will take place in Jerusalem on March 8 and is expected to take place in Tel Aviv in the coming year.

For an interim period, the drivers will continue to sell unmarked tickets to tourists and passengers who have not yet purchased a ticket.

The Ministry of Transport said that “the ministry is calling on passengers who have not yet purchased a Rav Kav with a smart chip to replace their card at no charge.” A passenger who has not yet changed his card to a card with a smart chip after March 8 can continue to charge it in any ‘Al Kav’ automatic machine or centers scattered all over the country.”

Egged is working to instruct drivers on the procedures for the next period of time, as it will take time for all riders to catch on to the new system, and this may lead to some delays and frustration, especially in Jerusalem.

Source: The Yeshiva World