CardLogix Introduces FastCheck™ Mobile Identity Solution for Contactless Smart Cards and NFC-Enabled Devices

By | February 21, 2018

IRVINE, CA, February 22, 2018 – CardLogix Corporation, leading FastCheck Android smart card validation softwaremanagement solution for FastCheck is an adaptive, multi-use software solution for mobile ID authentication, identity verification, remote user enrollment, and the instant display of critical user information. The software is designed for in-the-field identity applications, such as driver license validation, concealed weapons permit verification, military IDs, enterprise IDs, and portable emergency medical records.

Now Available From Google Play

Today users can install FastCheck from Google Play, free of charge. The Google Play Demo Version works with NFC-enabled Android devices operating on OS versions KitKat 4.4 and above. The app demonstrates baseline features and capabilities, and users must request complimentary FastCheck Demo Cards to illustrate read/write functions. CardLogix will personalize the app for stakeholders or provide a fully custom mobile software and smart card solution, including the optional use of biometrics.

For Remote and Mobile User Enrollment / Registration

FastCheck includes a user-friendly registration section to capture and enroll biographical and biometric information in the field. Newly captured data can be written directly to the contactless smart card chip or transferred to its integrated cloud-hosted database, Troposphere™. Information from Troposphere can then be imported from any location from within CardLogix’ smart card issuance software solution, Card Encoding Engine™ (CEE).

For ID Chip Validation and Mobile Identity Verification

In addition to validating an ID Card by the visual inspection of security graphics, FastCheck uses digital authentication technology to validate the authenticity of the smart card chip. The photo ID, signature, and optional biometrics and passwords verify cardholder identity. Biometrics with live fingerprint matching on a rugged biometric tablet will be available from CardLogix soon.

For the Instant Display of Secured Cardholder Information

FastCheck extracts cardholder information securely stored in the smart card chip upon successful digital key authorization. The information is then displayed to the mobile screen. This capability is ideal for in-the-field identity applications that must evaluate critical information quickly. For example, officers can quickly read and validate digital information from Concealed Weapons Permit Cards from any location. Additionally, an Emergency Medical Technician can quickly access and respond to critical emergency medical information from any location. The chip can be implanted in any form factor, including patient wearables.

Part of a Much Larger Identity Solution, the idblox™ Smart ID Ecosystem

The idblox Identity Ecosystem is a consortium of vendors that offer interoperable software and hardware that abide to a standardized data dictionary.  The interoperable solutions are adapative building blocks that accelerate identity system deployments while reducing overall costs. At the cornerstone of the ecosystem lies Card Encoding Engine™ (CEE), a sophisticated smart card personalization and instant ID card issuance software. CEE connects to a variety of biometric and biographical enrollment solutions, including FastCheck. For more information about idblox, visit


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