Kenya’s EALA chairman urges EAC to embrace E-passport

By | January 5, 2018

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Kenya’s EALA MP Simon Mbugua (2nd R) during election of EALA Speaker. [Photo|Simon Mbugua]

Kenya’s EALA MP Simon Mbugua has appealed to all the other East African Community (EAC) partner states through their elected representatives at EALA to ensure each of their East African countries embrace the EAC passport.

“The E.A.C electronic Passport has now been officially rolled out by the Immigration Department of the Republic of Kenya. The move to roll out this new passport is in line with the digitization of government services and documents,” he said on Wednesday, citing treaty for the establishment of the EAC Article 5 (1).

Mbugua who is also Kenya’s EALA chairman reminded the EAC that:

1. The passport cost remains the same.

2. All passport holders are expected to change their passports to the electronic one by August 2019.

3. The passport meets the International standards as per the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards

4. The e-passport facilitates faster clearance at points of Entry and Exit since it has an electronic chip which can be scanned at e-gates. Many international airports now have these gates and they are currently being installed at JKIA.

5. E-gates will facilitate quick scanning thus faster clearance for holders of the e-passport as they will be bypassing the Immigration desks.

6 The electronic passport secures traveler’s Identity.

Source: Hivisasa