Afghanistan – Abdullah supports delay in distribution of E-ID cards

By | January 8, 2018

Kabul: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Abdullah on Sunday announced support for the postponement of distributing electronic National Identity Cards (e-NICs) and urged the process be initiated after a unanimous agreement between the stakeholders.

Addressing at Cabinet meeting, he said important discussions were ongoing on the issue and the distribution of the computerised ID cards was directly linked to the national identity of Afghans.

“The issue should not divide the Afghan people and we should focus on other major challenges facing the country, ” the CEO told the meeting he chaired at his office.

Abdullah said any decision in this regard must be responsive to people’s tensions and pay attention to national unity. In addition to removing legal hitches, people’s suggestions be considered, he stressed.

“As a CEO of the country, I support national consensus on this issue to ensure the satisfaction of all countrymen with the distribution of e-ID cards,” Abdullah remarked.

He said the required preparations had been made by the unity government but views and suggestions of the common people were also crucial.

“Since national unity is the most important matter, the ID cards distribution should be initiated after an agreement is achieved among all involved,” he concluded.

Source: Pajhok Afghan News