Kona I and Linxens Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

By | December 11, 2017

KONA I, a global FinTech leader and a state-of-the-art smartcards and payment solutions provider and Linxens, a global leader in the design and manufacture of microconnectors for smartcards and RFID Antennas & Inlays have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Through the agreement the companies aim to conquer new markets in response to the growing smart card and secure identity markets.

KONA I and Linxens have signed a strategic cooperation agreement aiming to conquer new markets in response to the growing smart card and secure identity markets.

KONA I plans to expand its global business from next year through a partnership with Linxens, a leader in the design and manufacturer of all forms of connection, both contact and contactless, for its customers on a number of market segments: Telecom, Transport, eGovernment, Access Control, Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment, Financial Services, IoT, Healthcare and Industry and Specialty.

KONA I CEO Mr. Cho says that “we are delighted to collaborate with Linxens, a renowned security expert in the global market. By taking this opportunity, both companies will work together to show better products and services that can be recognized in the global market.”

The two companies are currently undergoing a substantive review of various projects that can generate synergies.

Our companies already have a successful history of working together on several projects. We are confident this partnership leverages both companies strengths and will open up new opportunities for both of us,” said Christophe Duverne, President and CEO, Linxens.


About Linxens

Linxens is a world-class provider of component-based solutions for the security & identity market. We design and manufacture microconnectors and RFID Antennas and Inlays. Linxens believes in innovation. We are a team of doers who relentlessly work to achieve excellence. We are the leading solution-provider for telecom, financial services, access control, e-Government, healthcare, hospitality, leisure & entertainment, IoT and transportation markets. We also use our technical expertise to offer innovative LED lighting solutions.

With 8 production facilities in Asia, Europe and North America, 4 R&D Centers, and over 3000 employees, Linxens makes its large-scale production capacity available to its customers, and delivers guaranteed product and technical reliability. The company reported revenue of €535 million for 2016. More than 6 billion people worldwide use Linxens products every day. 

Linxens technology gives users the best connection possible. These connections affirm our commitment to the future, and our expertise in creating technology that serves the people. Linxens crafting the future of connections. 

For more information: http://www.linxens.com


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About KONA I

Kona I is an IT corporation that provides total solutions and platforms to the global Fin-tech market. We are the No. 1 company in the domestic smart card industry and export smart cards to over 90 countries around the world. We own about 100 product certifications and field certifications for EMV and local payment schemes, providing products and services tailored to the needs of our customers. Kona I has international sales offices and technical centers in the United States, China, India and Bangladesh as well as local offices in Nigeria and Brazil.

In recent years, we are expanding our business area by launching Kona Card, the world’s first open rechargeable mobile payment platform based on EMV (IC Card International Technology Standard) as a new growth engine, and Veaver, a video knowledge sharing solution.

For more information: http://www.konai.com


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