Sudan: Sheikhs – Electronic WFP Ration Card ‘Final Nail in Coffin’ for Darfur Camps

By | November 16, 2017

Zamzam Camp — The announcement by the UN World Food Programme (WFP) in Sudan of a switch to a National Number-based electronic ration card effective 11 December, has met with sharp criticism by leaders of the Darfur displaced who fear many of the most vulnerable people will “fall between the cracks”.

Sheiks of the vast Zamzam camp for the displaced south of North Darfur capital spoke to Radio Dabanga following a meeting convened by a delegation from the WFP with the women’s and youth union on Wednesday morning.

The WFP announced that the new electronic card ID card for the displaced will be based on the National Number and National Card. The delegation added that a person’s name will be dropped if the old card does not match with the new electronic card.


However the leaders are concerned that after years of insecurity and displacement, the new system will be “the last nail in the coffin” for the camps. “The majority of displaced people do not have the National Number, National ID or, or a birth certificate for new-born babies, as many displaced people left the camp in search of work and livelihood.”

He said the camp leadership asked the WFP delegation to extend the new electronic card to March 2018 so that the displaced people can have the time to obtain the necessary National Numbers and birth certificates for new-born babies.

Source: allAfrica

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