Costa Ricans Will Have Electronic Passport by 2020

By | November 12, 2017

The electronic passport for Costa Rican citizens is a country project that will soon be put up for open tender with the expectation of having it ready by 2020.

With this technology migratory procedures will be done almost automatically through smart doors that will have systems to run fingerprints and facial recognition and will avoid having to spend time in long lines at the regular counters.


According to Gisella Yockchen, director of the General Migration Direction, the system has an estimated cost of $25 million, “The airports prepare for the implementation of modern systems of migratory control with biometric verification”, expressed Yockchen.

The project consists of three stages of 4 months each from the moment the tender is finalized, the first stage involves the purchase of the Automated Fingerprint Identification Sytem (Afis) for biometric passports which will also help improve security; the second stage has to do with the installation of smart doors, these will make the transit of passengers more efficient in the airports; the last stage is the creation of the electronic passport, the new passport will have a chip with the traveler’s information.

The Migration Direction expects the first steps of the project to be given in the first or second semester of 2018 for it to be completely ready by the year 2020.

Source: The Costa Rica Star