BOV cards become contactless

By | November 12, 2017

Bank of Valletta has started rolling out its contactless cards. Ivo Camilleri, executive electronic banking, said: “The contactless card upgrade ushers in a new era of digital banking in Malta. The cards combine the security of traditional chip-and-pin cards with the convenience of wireless payments. Paying for low-value items is for the first time easier than paying cash. Cardholders can simply tap the card on the EPOS machine at the retailer and the transaction is processed in seconds. There is no need to enter a PIN or sign a slip as long as the sale’s value is below €20.”

Mr Camilleri added: “The past few months have seen the roll out of the project at retail outlets where the bank’s POS machines are gradually being enabled to accept contactless cards. This process will continue over the coming months until all POS machines in retail outlets are contactless ena­bled. This second phase of the project is now being extended to the upgrade of all eligible debit and credit cards. The contactless cards, which also have a fresh look with new artwork, allow the cardholder to effect regular contact transactions, while also enabling contactless transactions.”

Souce: Times of Malta