Square Stand’s contactless commerce now available Australia-wide

By | October 3, 2017

It’s hip to be Square as the company expands its local presence, introduces “more products and services” and rolls out Square Stand availability across Australia via online and Officeworks.

Proudly boasting of 18 months of “strong local growth”, payments and business-growth company Square says it “continues to expand its presence in the local market, introducing more products and services to help a wider range of Australian businesses”.

This includes today’s announcement of the “iconic Square Stand” for contactless and chip now being available “across the country”.

As a modern-day company with modern solutions, it’s natural for Square to herald the old days as over, stating that “gone are the days of large point-of-sale systems, clunky cash drawers, piles of paper receipts, and cluttered countertops”.

Of course, payment terminals, POS systems, credit and debit cards and the seemingly inexorable and sad march towards an inevitable cashless society started long before Square was but a gleam in its founders’ eyes, Square is nevertheless right to point out that business doesn’t have to be done the old way any more, even if the company logo squares the circle to form more of a squircle.Indeed, Square is fully for the future, with its Square Stand, allowing contactless and chip payments, being dubbed by Square as “the first out-of-the-box solution to turn an iPad into a fully integrated point-of-sale system, allowing businesses to take payments and run their entire operation from their countertop device”.

And, with tens of thousands of businesses now using Square across the country, the company’s Australian country manager, Ben Pfisterer, notes that the company has been “humbled by the support they have received since launching the first Square Reader last year”, while adding “there is more Square can offer to grow with the needs of local businesses”.

Pfisterer, who presumably is able to flash a Pfist-full of digital dollars whenever needed, said: “There is an overwhelming demand from Square sellers to find better countertop solutions that can help them streamline their operations as they grow and move into more fixed locations.

“Square Stand for contactless and chip is designed specifically to address the countertop needs for businesses of any size, location, or complexity.

“Square’s original mission was to help Australian small businesses start, run, and grow. Now with our expanding list of products and services — from accepting card payments to online invoicing, inventory management, real-time analytics, and employee management — a wider range of businesses can benefit from the powerful business tools we are introducing.”

With the high growth in card payments and advancements in technology, Square says “more and more business owners are moving away from using old legacy point-of-sale systems in favour of cloud-based software and design-focussed hardware. Square Stand for contactless and chip fills this gap in the market, providing an integrated countertop solution designed to complement the aesthetics of any shopfront”.

To this end, Nathan Smith, managing director of The Plant Society in Melbourne, said: “We have used Square for payments since we started. Our events and client services teams regularly move around Melbourne on a day-to-day basis, so it’s great for mobility and taking payments on the go.

“When we opened our shop space a few months ago, we needed a checkout system that wouldn’t create a barrier between our customers and staff, yet still allowed us to take payments and monitor our business operations. Square Stand seamlessly blends into our interior, it looks great, and is easy to use.”

So, starting today, 3 October, the company says its customers “are be able to purchase Square Stand for contactless and chip online, or exclusively through Officeworks, retailing for just A$299″.

Square reminds us all that it “creates tools that help sellers of all sizes start, run, and grow their businesses”.

That means Square isn’t just an alternative to a bank-derived payments terminal, but is as the company claims, a “free point-of-sale service offers tools for every part of running a business, from accepting card payments with Square Reader to online invoicing, inventory management, real-time analytics, employee management, and powerful reporting”.

Source: IT Wire

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