India – PRTC to issue ID cards with hologram

By | October 19, 2017

PATIALA: To keep a check on the misuse of ID cards of Pepsu Road Transport Corporation (PRTC) will soon be changing the identity cards of its employees including the conductors, drivers as well of retired employees who enjoys the benefits under rules of the corporation. The new ID cards will carry the holograms of PRTC and will start being issued from November 1. Each ID would carry one transparent hologram crossing the picture of an employee on the card besides another simple hologram pasted on the front side of the card.For this the corporation had got published over 10,000 holograms including the transparent ones. The motive behind the move is to check the losses worth lakhs of rupees being incurred by PRTC as many of cases of people traveling on duplicate passes have come to the fore in the past many years.

“We are issuing the new ID cards to all our employees. This will help us in curbing the ticket theft as it came to our notice that many people have made duplicate passes or ID cards in connivance with the drivers and conductors. They used to travel free of cost in the buses maintaining that they are the PRTC staff. Now the new ID cards would carry the holograms of PRTC that cannot be copied. These holograms cannot be removed and re-pasted on any other card. Similarly the students are being issued new bus passes with changed colour along with the PRTC holograms. The decision has been taken in accordance with our chairman as well as managing director,” said general manager PRTC RS Aulakh.

There are around 6,000 retired employees and 4,000 working employees of PRTC including regular, contractual, outsourced and those working on commission basis on various posts.

All these employees will be issued new ID cards with holograms pasted on it.

Source: The Times of India