Greece – New electronic cards for transportation making debut in Athens

By | October 7, 2017

New electronic cards for transportation making debut in Athens

At least 3,000 new electronic tickets had been sold by Friday afternoon, announced the Athens urban transport organisation (OASA), which is gradually rolling over from paper tickets to rechargeable cards for all transportation means.

Tickets are still available in paper, but electronic card users are offered a bonus of an extra ride for free.

The contactless cards, available for buses, trolleys, tram and the Metro are being issued at main Athens Metro and tram stations. Details of the types of cards available (multiple or monthly/annual rides), the information required for their issue, and how they are recharged is available in Greek at

Registration is compulsory for those interested in long-term tickets (e.g. monthly) passes. They will be asked to sign up with their name, their health insurance (AMKA) number, and an eight-digit pin of their own choosing, then print out the resulting page with the Quick Response code. They then bring this along with formal proof of their AMKA number, a photocopy of their Greek police ID and a photograph to an issuing tram or Metro station to get a personalized card.

Cards can be recharged through the Athena Card system or Greek banks.

OASA is in negotiations with Greek ministries about the fares to special social groups such as the unemployed, physically impaired, large families, retirees and students. About 54% of all passengers in Athens belong to a group that is benefitting by the government’s social policy.

The project is part of the Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework 2014-2020 plan, and is funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) of the EU.

Source: Tornos News