Ghana – Lack of a central identification card cause of high incidence of fraud – IT expert

By | October 17, 2017

Chief Technical Officer at Afriwave Telecom Ghana Limited Kwame Anokye has attributed the high incidence of fraud in the country to lack of a central identification system.

He said our current national ID card systems are not harmonised and therefore cannot be verified when someone decides to cheat the system.

“In Ghana our number one challenge is our registration. There are about five different ID systems in Ghana and it is not harmonized. The system that they use now for instance if you are doing registration you can fool the system because they don’t verify before they register you”, he explained.

Speaking at the Africa ICT Expo 17 at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra, Mr. Anokye said one can even change the passport number and use that in perpetuating fraud.

“If you have a passport number and you decide to change it to a different number, the system will accept because it meets the format. Even if you track the number, it will be difficult to track who is perpetuating the fraud”, he stressed.

Source: GhanaWeb