Cost effective strategy for polycarbonate card protection

By | October 18, 2017

LOCHOVICE (October 18, 2017) – „The strongest possible document protection is not the most expensive one“ is the name of Optaglio´s recently published white paper. Focusing on strategies for anti-counterfeit protection of polycarbonate documents, it states that many manufacturers spend enormous resources without actually improving protection. Importance of well-considered strategy is emphasised in the white paper.

 The paper confirms growing number of counterfeiting attacks against documents. Counterfeiters are more sophisticated and technologically advanced. Traditionally, document producers kept their advantage by adding more and more security elements. However, it seems that this solution does not work anymore. Too many security elements result just in confusion of inspecting guards. Optaglio, therefore, emphasizes that each component should play a specific role in an integrated defense strategy. The defense strategy should be based on the following:

  • Understanding that the document, guards, other staff, their training, legislation, technological equipment and IT systems should create a consistent unit. Optimisation of any part as an isolated element will not enhance the security.
  • What types of attacks can be expected.
  • What are other requirements on the document (lifecycle, expected speed and capacity of issuance process, local cultural expectations, etc.)

The selection of security elements, based on on understanding these issues, should create a consistent defense unit, seamless, user-friendly and for reasonable costs.  The white paper discusses strategies to reach that and some particular products and technologies.

Some sections are dedicated to biometrics, where the key issue is building a strong authentication capacity while eliminating the risk of biometric data compromisation.

„Optaglio has got about 20 years of experience in plastic documents protection. We were instrumental in launching current generation of ID technologies. This experience is now available through methodologies and knowledge pool of Optaglio Consulting Practice. However, it is also critical to apply common sense and standard principles of information security,“ said Optaglio´s Dr. Petr Hampl. „I believe we succeeded in demonstrating such attitude also in this strategic white paper.“

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Optaglio is a research organisation and the global leader in high resolution e-beam lithography security holograms.  During almost 25 years of our history, we have delivered billions of holograms to governments, financial institutions and other organizations in more than 50 countries around the world. Our unique technology has been broadly recognized as the industry standard for optical security.

The company employs next to 100 people in the UK and Czech Republic. In 2015, a large scientific centre and production facilities were opened in Lochovice, Czech Republic.

Optaglio, certified to relevant international standards, operates under strict 24/7 security supervision. Our comprehensive security system covers people, processes, data and facilities. The company is a member of International Hologram Association (IHMA) through which it registers all its security devices and holograms in the central security register, in London.

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