Indonesia – 17,107 Jakarta children get ID cards

By | September 12, 2017

The Jakarta Civil Registry and Population Agency has issued 17,107 child ID cards (KIA) to ensure children’s constitutional rights, an official says.

Agency head Edison Sianturi said on Sunday that: “17,107 of the 30,000 cards planned to be distributed this year were issued between January and August.” 

He said the agency would continue to distribute cards until 2018. “We are still distributing them, focusing on hospitals and schools, while next year we will put them to the test.” 

He added that KIA cards issuance would be prioritized for newborns at general hospitals (RSUD) in Jakarta and toddlers.

KIA cards will serve as a tool to collect data on children.

“They can also be used for health or medical benefits, or for opening a saving account and in passport applications. They will function exactly like e-ID cards,” he explained.

Edison said the KIA card program would also improve data collection and public services, as well as efforts to provide protection and fulfillment of children’s constitutional rights.

“In the future, a KIA will be a requirement to register for school instead of a family card [KK],” he said as quoted by

Last year, Home Minister Tjahjo Kumolo said identity cards would be the official identity cards for unmarried Indonesians aged below 18. (dis)


Source: The Jakarta Post

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