Haiti – Diaspora : Towards a National Identity Card for Haitians living Living abroad

By | July 15, 2017

Thursday, in order to learn about the mechanisms to be put in place to register members of the Haitian Diaspora so that they can participate fully in the economic, social and political life of the country, Stéphanie Auguste the Minister of Haitians (MHAVE) met with Wilson Fièvre, the Director General of the National Office of Identification (ONI). This is part of the Government’s desire to enable Haitians of the Diaspora to fully enjoy their civil and political rights.

During this meeting, Wilson Fièvre expressed his desire to see MHAVE and ONI join forces to allow Haitians from outside to obtain an External National Identification Card that will allow our compatriots to Identify themselves easily in their host countries. Let’s recall that the ID card project in the Diaspora was already on the agenda in 2011 at the time for the MHAVE (Daniel Supplice) and ONI (Ronald Covil).

Moreover, the two sides agreed on the need to continue the process of delivery of identity documents to Haitians illegally in different countries of the Caribbean and North America…

Source: Haiti Libre

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