Turkmenistan joins ICAO Public Key Directory

By | June 10, 2017

Representatives of Turkmenistan’s State Migration Service took part in a meeting on presenting electronic certificates of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s Public Key Directory (ICAO PKD).

The event took place in the city of Montreal, Canada.

This event was held under the presidential decree, dated December 26, 2016, “On Accession of Turkmenistan to the Public Key Directory of the International Civil Aviation Organization”, according to a message of the Turkmen State Migration Service.

Participation in ICAO PKD ensures the availability of timely information to determine the authenticity of an electronic passport, which facilitates and enhances the security of the process of determining the authenticity of e-passports at migration control posts at checkpoints, says the message.

The result of this procedure is the promotion of faster and safer border crossings. While using the device for reading electronic passports, the authenticity of electronic passports and the absence of counterfeits can be confirmed.

Under the document, the decision was made in order to guarantee the security of citizens’ rights to travel abroad and enter Turkmenistan, to simplify passing of biometric passport holders through passport control at checkpoints open for international traffic, etc.

Turkmenistan became a member of Convention of the International Civil Aviation Organization in 1993. The State Migration Service is the authorized state body of Turkmenistan on cooperation with the abovementioned Public Key Directory.

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