Octopus makes move into online payment

By | June 23, 2017

Payments for shopping, donations and bills can now be settled with Octopus card over the internet following the launch of a new app.

The app combines three side products of the Octopus card – Octopus O! ePay, Octopus app and the Octopus Mobile SIM – and aims to provide customers with a new payment experience, the company said.

Users can manage their Octopus cards and Octopus O!ePay account with the app.

“The all-new Octopus App further demonstrates our commitment to making everyday life easier,” said Sunny Cheung Yiu-tong, chief executive of Octopus.

“The widely popular physical Octopus card and O! ePay services are supported by one single app, offering greater mobile payment convenience to customers.”

Since the app is connected with the O!ePay app, users can easily transfer money between themselves to share the bills, and, if needed, remind others to pay with a tap on the phone.

Friends and family can also top up each other’s Octopus cards – up to 20 cards from one account. Other functions of the app include checking the transaction history, Octopus card balance, and receiving merchant offers and eCoupons.

For Android device users, if the app is used with Octopus Mobile SIM, they can pay by tapping on their phone, check the balance and arrange transactions whether or not their mobiles are online or offline.

IOS device users, however, need a separate mobile card reader for using the contactless payment functions due to Apple’s hardware restrictions to protect its Apple Pay system.

Cheung said the company wishes iPhone users could enjoy all the new functions the new app offers, but for now they can just wait for the day when Apple opens its contactless interface.

Customers using the previous Octopus app can simply update the app without signing up again while new users should download the app from Apple Store or Google Play, then sign up with their e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Source: The Standard

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