New Zim Passport “To Auto-Correct Ndebele Names,” says Govt

By | June 13, 2017

The government says it is unveiling a new passport which will help auto correct misspelt Ndebele names.

Registrar General, Tobaiwa Mudede announced the new passport at a function held in Harare over the weekend.

Mudede stated that the new passport will also clear the long standing complaint of misspelt IsiNdebele words on the current passport. The misspellings have been an issue of major concern for the Ndebele speaking people, as they felt that the mistakes were derogative of the language.

Mudede said that the new e-passport which will be linked to modern technologies also seeks to eliminate fraudulent activities that are being linked with the current Zimbabwean passport.

According to Mudede, the new passport will have water tight security features that will not allow for it to be tampered with as is the case with the current passport which was introduced in the late nineties. Mudede said it will have an electronic chip on it which will be scanned at points of entry to determine owner information thereby eliminating cases where some criminal elements were managing to tamper with it and affix a picture of a person different from the genuine owner.

Mudede said the new passport will start working immediately while the current one will remain valid and will be phased out as they expire.

The Zimbabwean passport has for a long time been on high demand by fraudsters who falsify it using it to travel especially for drug dealing purposes and human trafficking which has led to many countries holding Zimbabwean travelers with suspicion.

Source: ZimEye