Kona I And Fingerprint Cards Announces Partnership For Smart Cards

By | June 20, 2017

Kona I and Fingerprint Cards announces partnership for smart cards

SEOUL, KOREA AND GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN. Kona I Co. Ltd. (Kona), a global FinTech leader and a state-of-the-art smart cards and payment solutions provider, and Fingerprint Cards AB (FingerprintsTM), the world-leading biometrics company today announced a partnership. Fingerprints’ cutting edge biometric technology will be integrated with Kona’s range of electronic smart cards – bringing new levels of security and convenience to consumers.

Kona has launched 4 new biometric card versions using Fingerprints(TM) technology, integrating long-life batteries and patented energy harvesting solutions with display and LED indicators. Together with battery powered Internet Banking solutions such as, One Time Password (OTP) and Dynamic Card Verification Value (dCVV) smart cards, Kona’s Electronic card solutions are the most comprehensive in the industry.

“Combining the industry leading fingerprint sensors and technology from Fingerprints(TM) with our revolutionary electronic card solutions allows us to provide best-in-class security and convenience to our customers,” said Chung-il Cho, CEO of Kona I. “We are very excited about Kona I’s role in bringing Biometric security to every day shopping.”

“We’ve previously announced the integration of our technology in Kona I’s products. We are delighted to now partner with Kona I and to see our industry-leading technology integrated into an advanced biometric smart card. Our products are proven and we provide a solution that enable biometric card solutions for both contact and contact-less, battery-less and EMV capable payment experiences, for the end users as well as cost effective solutions for the card issuers. The Kona I partnership is significant as we continue our journey with the key partners in the smart card eco-system, and also a hall-mark example of how we progress our strategy for the smart card segment”, said Niklas Strid, SVP Business Line Smartcards at Fingerprints.

Biometric security uses a person’s bodily characteristics to verify an identity. Making it the strongest and most trusted physical security technique.

For more information about Kona I Co. Ltd., please contact:
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For further information about Fingerprints’ smart card solutions, please contact:
Niklas Strid, Senior Vice President Business Line Smartcard at Fingerprint Cards

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About KONA I Co., Ltd.
KONA I Co., Ltd. is a leading FinTech company and a global smart cards and secure payments solution supplier. Since its inception in 1998, Kona I has been providing banking, telecom and information security solutions around the world. Currently, it is engaged in two main businesses: IC chip business and platform business. Kona’s IC chips are used in telecom, banking, and public areas while it offers platform services that cover settlement, authentication, and security. Its proprietary OS for IC Chip and solutions for smart card-related solutions are sold in about 90 countries under the brand name ‘KONA’.  Kona I has recently launched ‘Kona Money’, an open prepaid card payment platform, and is in full swing with its mobile platform business. In the world of mobile services, Kona provides world-class services in USIM technology, HCE and Tokenization services.


About Fingerprint Cards AB (publ)

Fingerprint Cards AB, Fingerprints, with its Swedish roots, is the leading global biometrics company, whose mission is to spearhead the development of biometric interaction that facilitates the convenience and integrity of the individual. Its value is proven daily by users in millions of devices, through billions of touches, who are their own key – quite simply, with a human touch. Fingerprints develops biometric systems comprising sensors, algorithms, software and packaging technologies. The success is based on product development at the cutting edge of technology, which results in world-leading products in terms of security, convenience and performance. The current product range consists largely of fingerprint sensors and customers are primarily manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, where the company is market leading. As the use of biometric solutions increases, Fingerprints is working to broaden its offering by using different biometric techniques, or modalities, and to identify other market segments where the solutions can be used, such as smart cards, PCs, automotive and online devices (IoT). The Fingerprints share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (FING B). The company has shown strong growth and sales totaled SEK 6,638 M in 2016, with an operating margin of 39 percent. Most of the more than 400 employees work in Sweden, but the company has offices worldwide, from Shanghai to Silicon Valley.

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