ICC Solutions releases the updated INTERAC U.S. Test Suite

By | June 13, 2017

ICC Solutions is delighted to announce the release of the updated INTERAC U.S. Test Suite, hosted on the industry leading ICCSimTMat test tool platform, which has been fully tested and registered by Interac Association. This test suite enables Acquirers, VAR’s, ISV’s and Merchants to perform EMV level 3 contact chip terminal integration tests to achieve formal accreditation with Interac Association prior to deployment in the U.S.

The INTERAC U.S. Test Plan contains the test cases to be performed by Acquirers, ensuring that U.S. Merchants chip terminals operate correctly in alignment with INTERAC requirements for the U.S.

Interac Association is a recognised leader in debit card services having secured a solid foundation in the Canadian payments market which facilitated the development of the INTERAC Test Suite for the U.S. marketplace.

Derek Ross, Head of Sales and Business Development at ICC Solutions, commented: “Being registered by Interac Association for the INTERAC U.S. Test Suite allows ICC Solutions to further expand our extensive portfolio of EMV migration test suites. As a recognised and trusted name in the U.S. payments market, clients are assured of our commitment to implement new technologies and payment brands as they come to market enabling consistent and efficient certification test campaigns.”

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Source: ICC Solutions