Derby shows biggest rise in ‘contactless’ spending of anywhere in UK

By | June 19, 2017

Derby has seen the biggest rise in “contactless” spending of anywhere in the UK, according to new research.

The study by Barclaycard has found that, since the start of the year, the number of people using their credit/debit cards or mobile phones to make payments has risen by 45% – well above the national average of 34%.

The Barclaycard Contactless Spending Index claims that shoppers in the Midlands and the north of England in particular are increasing their use of “touch-and-go” payments more than anywhere else in the country – with Derby leading the way, followed by Chester, Newcastle, Coventry and Stoke.

According to Barclaycard, it has seen a big jump in the number of people making payments using their mobile phone, which it says has risen by 90% since the turn of the year. In September, it will be 10 years since Barclaycard introduced contactless to the UK. Today, according to Barclaycard, more than half of in-store card payments up to £30 are now made this way rather than chip and pin.

Adam Herson, director at Barclaycard Mobile Payments, said: “Our data shows that growth in contactless spending has been surging for several years, but this latest insight is particularly significant as it shows shoppers now prefer to pay with ‘touch-and-go’, with more than half of eligible transactions made this way. This saves shoppers valuable time at the check-out and makes buying goods and services far more convenient too.

Barclaycard said it had seen a growing number of people using their mobiles to pay for things.

“September will mark the 10th anniversary of Barclaycard introducing contactless to the UK and during this time we’ve seen the technology evolve at a rapid pace – from mobile and wearable devices – to invisible payments such as our newly launched ‘Grab+Go’ concept, which allows consumers to scan and pay for their shopping with a smartphone.

“And with more innovation in the pipeline and a continued rise in consumer and merchant adoption, 2017 is on track to be another record-breaking year for contactless spending.”

The news comes as industry body, The UK Cards Association, revealed that credit and debit payments have doubled in the last 10 years with the increased use of contactless one of the main drivers for this growth.

The top 10 places for contactless spending growth

1. Derby 45%
2. Chester 44%
3. Newcastle upon Tyne 42%
4. Coventry 42%
5. Stoke 41%
6. Exeter 40%
7. Birmingham 40%
8. Oxford 40%
9. Leeds 39%
10. Ipswich 39%

Source: Derby Telegraph

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