Pakistan – CNICs of 45,000 Balochistan employees found fake

By | May 21, 2017

QUETTA –  More than 45,000 government employees of Balochistan have been found ghost having fake or incorrect national identity cards.

Ghost employees have been traced in the province after verification of the national identity cards of all 295,000 government employees through National Database Registration Authority (Nadra).

As per a private TV channel’s reports, the Balochistan government, earlier, inked an accord with Nadra to verify the identity cards of government employees in the province to trace ghost employees.

After verification, it was disclosed that more than 45,000 government employees had either fake CNICs or had wrong ID card numbers. Moreover, it was also discovered that dozens of government employees were found below 18 years during the Nadra verification.

During the process, the CNICs of 249,000 government employees were confirmed while those of 45,000 could not be proven true. The national identity cards of 17,341 employees were found incorrect. Moreover, 1,600 employees’ CNICs were found blocked.

The departments concerned have been asked to give clarification about the employees having fake or incorrect ID card numbers. It was noted that all 45,028 employees were drawing their salaries and pensions regularly.

Meanwhile, Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar, spokesman for the Balochistan government, talking to a private TV channel, said the provincial government had launched the verification process of all government employees through Nadra.

Source: The Nation