Mozambique to change national identity cards

By | May 4, 2017

The Mozambican cabinet approved a bill proposing a law to improve the current biometric identity card issued by the Ministry of Interior, APA has observed on Thursday.Cabinet spokesperson Mouzinho Saide is quoted in the local media as saying the bill, which seeks to ensure that ID cards have more security and reliability, adapting them to the current information and communication technologies, will be submitted to the country’s parliament for approval

The change in the ID cards mainly encompasses elements of identification contained in the current identification document, he said.

“These identity elements indicate the person’s first name, surname, country of birth, sex, individual characteristics, and [the new regulations] also define the type of material from which the identity card must be made, taking technological advances into account,” Mouzinho Saide is quoted as saying by state-controlled Radio Mozambique. 

The official said the changes are to cover all Mozambicans from the age of six while other Mozambicans under six years old, as currently, should obtain IDs only where necessary for legal purposes.

The southern African nation has a population of 26 million of which only six million have acquired biometric IDs since their introduction in 2009.

Source: Jurnal du Cameroun