Evolis – When Innovation serves Security in Financial Institutions

By | May 23, 2017

Banks across the world are using desktop modules to produce on demand (Instant Issuance) payment cards are issued over a minute in branches and immediately activated. Nothing new about this ? Really ?

Instant Issuance systems are used by many Banks and Financial Institutions for more than a decade, offering immediate payment services to their customers. Those leading the way in customer servicing knows it: Security is a major concern in the issuance process. Managing and keeping secret around customer data is the key to ensure trust in the concept.

If thermal transfer technology still offers the best value for money to produce flat cards, a major security concern is there: residual information of printed data remains visible after printing on the consumable (ribbon). Thousands of card data are exposed to a possible fraudulent usage.

Embossed cards are no exception to this: residual data are also visible on the tipping foil.

Several options are offered to customers to secure access to ribbons inside the machine: physical and logical locking systems prevent unauthorized access to the consumable. Still, Banks must seriously take care of ribbons disposal after its use: destroy, burn, cut, actions that needs human intervention (= time & cost) and most of all trust in the operator. And this is only when the ribbon is not just put the bin without particular care…

A revolution in management of card data

Evolis www.evolis.com is launching a revolution in management of card data: Kineclipse system ensures that printed data are no longer visible on the ribbon. This patented technology guaranties important data of payment cards are kept secret, during and after use of the consumable. No need to implement a complex and time consuming disposal process.

How does it work ? The perso process takes a bit longer with Kineclipse option, but remains below a minute. This option is available on most of Evolis card perso modules, as a factory mounted option, not only for Flat card issuance but also for the new Embossing solution Privelio XT, and this is a true innovation that serves security in financial institutions !

Article by Mr. Alexandre Maugin, Evolis, Area Sales Manager, Middle East & Africa