IDP Announces the Launch the SMART‐51 Series of Plastic Card Printers

By | April 5, 2017

IDP’s new SMART‐51 is the next generation of its mid‐range ID Card Printer platform. The SMART‐51 inherits the most successful and proven elements of the SMART‐50 series – IDP’s longest running ID Card Printer.

Enhancements to the SMART‐51 include careful selection of highly reliable parts, the application of a new state‐of‐the art CPU, a user friendly design similar to the SMART‐70, and application specific features for unique projects. The new SMART‐51 offers an upgrade path from single side printing (51S), to dual side printing (51D), and to dual side printing with lamination (51L). The SMART‐51L also uses IDP’s patented

DirectLaminationTM which is the industry’s first adoption of direct lamination technology to drastically reduce heat‐up time, save energy, and optimize the application of laminate to the card.

The core spirit of a card printer is its print quality, print speed and stability. IDP’s new SMART‐51 card printer increases print speeds by 10%, enhances print quality by optimizing precise ribbon movement, and provides faster processing speed by utilizing a new powerful CPU. From the initial design of the SMART‐51 Series, IDP has taken careful consideration of the end‐user to create an easy to use and flexible card printer. The SMART‐51 offers new features including a larger card loading capacity (up to 200 cards), a choice of output direction, new cartridge loading lamination, support of transparent magnetic cards, optional support of CR79 card and an optional all‐in‐one type lock system ideal for instant issuance of bank cards.


  • Improvement of Print Speed
  • Enhanced FINETM Imaging Technology
  • New Input Hopper Cover Design
  • Removable Output Hopper
  • Mag Encoding on Transparent Cards
  • Optional Support of CR79 Cards
  • Optional All‐in‐One Type Lock System
  • Optional Front‐Side Mag Encoding

The new SMART‐51 will be available for sale the summer of 2017.

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