Belarusians to Receive Biometric Passports in 2019

By | April 12, 2017

“I think that in 2019 we will start to issue the first biometric ID-passports. The procedure for obtaining them is under control by the Interior Ministry,” Syarhei Papkou, Minister of Communications and Information, said in the BelTA press center.

The State Border Committee spoke about the introduction of biometric passports already in 2013. Last year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that starting from 2018, Belarusians will be receiving biometric passports (for traveling abroad) and ID-cards (for use within the country).

This system is common in the world. It is convenient in the sense that the person who had left his passport in the embassy to get a visa will have an extra document proving his identity.

Biometric passport differs from the conventional document by a special data chip with the holder’s photograph and biometric information — for example, fingerprints.

Since June 2015, getting a Schengen visa without having your fingerprints checked has been impossible.

The idea of ​​biometric passports was born in the United States after the events of September 11, 2001.

Source: Belsat