USA – Two arrested by Provo police in reported fake ID, fake bank card scam

By | March 1, 2017

Two men were arrested Tuesday on reports of using fake IDs and bank cards to scam banks out of thousands of dollars.

Police reports state Jorge Collado went Tuesday to a Wells Fargo in Provo and attempted to use a fraudulent ID to obtain money. Bank staff confronted Collado, 48, about the fake ID. Collado left the bank and jumped into the passenger side of a vehicle with Jonathon Abreu, according to police.

Collado and Abreu, 28, were stopped by police later Tuesday. After serving a search warrant on the vehicle, police reported finding $4,700 in $100 bills, as well as 14 fake ID cards with Collado’s picture. Names used on the fake IDs were found on 26 financial cards, also in the car, reports state.

 The cards were found in the driver’s side door, near where Abreu was sitting, reports state.
 Abreu told police if he could post bail, he would get his car and leave the state, reports state.

Abreu and Collado reportedly met in Colorado and came to Utah with the sole intention of collecting cash from these fraudulent cards, police reports state.

 Abreu was booked into Utah County Jail on suspicion of 15 second-degree felonies of knowingly transferring false identification cards and 27 second-degree felonies of unlawful possession of financial transfer cards.

Collado was booked into Utah County Jail on suspicion of the same false identification card charges, in addition to 27 third-degree felonies of possession of a forgery device.

Source: Daily Herald