USA – Messiah College goes contactless

By | March 24, 2017

Messiah College is now issuing a new ID card for students, ushering in contactless technology for physical access and other card functions.

According to a report from Messiah’s student publication, The Pulse, the new contactless cards will be used at a wide array of card readers across the Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania campus. Contactless will be leveraged for physical access to residence halls and will allow easier access when recording the college’s mandatory chapel attendance.

Despite making the jump to contactless, Messiah’s old ID cards will remain fully functional as students continue to transition to the new credentials. College officials say that hundreds of students have already traded in their old IDs for the new contactless card. Students are not currently required to upgrade to the new contactless cards, but can do so at any time during their time as a registered student.

The main motivation for the move to contactless was the addition of the new technology, with Messiah’s card office — the Falcon Exchange — wanting to be up to date with the chip technology citing that “times were changing.”


Per the Pulse report, the new cards are made of composite materials, making them more robust than the old cards. The new material and embedded chip and antenna will also end the popular practice of punching holes in the cards to fix them on lanyards.

Select campus residence halls were outfitted with new door access readers to support the contactless cards over spring break, with the remainder set to receive readers over the summer. The college also says that additional contactless card readers will be installed in different areas throughout campus.

Source: CR80News