India – Finally, BMTC to roll out smart card on pilot basis this month

By | March 19, 2017

BENGALURU: The much-awaited cashless ride in Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation(BMTC) buses is inching closer to reality. The corporation will issue over 100 smart cards to commuters as part of the long-delayed project, which will be launched on a pilot basis this month.

BMTC had earlier said it would kick off the system in January but deferred it. Officials said while technical hiccups prevented the January rollout, the project was postponed for another reason — the government wanted to announce it in the budget.

The corporation has already tested the sytem among its staffers from December 2016 to January 2017 to identify the glitches, if any. A senior official said the system faced connectivity problems in the past. “With internet infrastructure in India still being poor, data connectivity is not strong at all times in all places. This was the only problem we experienced,” he said.

BMTC will record data from the use of the 100-odd smart cards, which can be used for bus commute as well as shopping. In future, even Metro users will be able to use them. The mobility cards will be issued at Kempegowda Bus Station in Majestic and Shivajinagar BMTC bus station.
Ekroop Caur, managing director, BMTC said: “As of now, the card is not suited for a Metro ride. It will take several months because of the software needed for the card to be read at Metro’s automated fare collecting (AFC) gates.”

The common mobility card is a part of the implementation of an interoperable automatic fare collection (AFC) system for public transport in accordance with the National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP), 2006. The system aims to offer a seamless system to commuters.