Fingerprints™ Premieres First Own Contactless Card Solution Demonstration.

By | March 31, 2017

Fingerprints™ launched the ultra-thin fingerprint touch sensors for smart cards, FPC1300 series, in December 2016.  The series includes FPC1320 and FPC1321. FPC1320 has been used for initial evaluation whereas FPC1321, with its smaller footprint is easier to integrate in smart card designs and the smaller sensor also has lower current consumption during image capture.

Various customers and strategic partners have built cards integrating these sensors, some already being showcased on the market. At the same time, our team at Fingerprints™ has worked hard to develop our own functional contactless demo card, and we are proud to demonstrate this today. The card utilizes the power generated by the POS terminal (harvesting the NFC field), and thus does not require any battery. A perfect solution for contactless payment cards that are quickly becoming popular with consumers around the world, in addition to ID and access cards, as it will improve security without compromizing ease of use.

Apart from working in a card without battery, we have designed solutions for battery powered contactless cards as well as traditional payment cards where the card is inserted into the card reader, which we are also demonstrating today.

Watch our product manager Henrik demonstrate our various solutions.

Fingerprints™ – Smart card with contact chip

Fingerprints™ – Smart card contactless without battery

Fingerprints™ – Smart card contactless with battery

Fingerprints™ – Smart card demo at #MWC17

As with all solutions from Fingerprints™, the FPC1300 series deliver best in class biometric performance and extremely low power consumption that makes it possible to run the fingerprint system only on the power generated by the contactless card reader. Previously, Fingerprints™ customers Zwipe and Kona-I have launched products featuring sensors from the FPC1300 series. They come with signature features such as FPC OneTouch® for fast wake-up authentication and FPC 360Touch™ that reads the fingerprint from any angle.

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