Dubai – Philippine Embassy Not To Release Passports Today

By | March 26, 2017

DUBAI: There will be no release of passports at the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi (AUHPE) on March 26, Sunday.

However, those with appointments for processing and encoding are expected to be there on time.

The diplomatic mission released on Friday a public advisory about the suspension of the release of passports scheduled on Mar.26 because of the “necessary system maintenance of the e-Passport (Electronic Passport) system to be conducted in the Philippines that day.”

AUHPE Third Secretary and Vice Consul Von Ryan Pangwi said the system maintenance is regularly done by Manila’s Department of Foreign Affairs.

It just so happened that this time, the chosen date falls on a regular working day in the UAE (Sunday) and every released passport has to go through the normal electronic bookkeeping procedures.

Pangwi said the suspension is also for “security reasons.”

“Passport processing and encoding (for scheduled applicants) shall not be affected and shall continue that day.”
Passport releasing resumes on Mar.27, Monday.