Lars Söderfjell leaves Fingerprint Cards’ Board of Directors

By | January 25, 2017

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January 25, 2017

Lars Söderfjell leaves Fingerprint Cards’ Board of Directors

Lars Söderfjell leaves Fingerprint Cards’ Board on his own initiative, after dialogue with the Board.
Fingerprint Cards’ board member Lars Söderfjell was released on Tuesday, after he was arrested on Monday alleged for unauthorized disclosure of inside information in conjunction with Fingerprint Cards’ profit warning in December 2016. The Economic Crime Authority continues its investigation of the events.

Lars Söderfjell leaves the Board on his own initiative.

“Even if I believe that I am innocent, after careful consideration and with the company’s best interest in mind, I have decided to immediately leave Fingerprint Cards’ Board of Directors. At the same time, I think it’s very sad since Fingerprint Cards s is a fine company that I have a close relation to”, says Lars Söderfjell.

“Lars and I have thoroughly discussed the situation. Lars cares about what’s best for both the company and the shareholders and he believes it will be difficult to remain as a board member, given the current situation. Hence, he’s decided to leave the Board immediately. The Board will miss his broad expertise and wise opinions”, says Jan Wäreby, Chairman of the Board, at Fingerprint Cards.

“Lars has provided an explanation for the events that I have no reason to question. The investigation continues and will now take the time it needs. We will continue to fully cooperate with the Economic Crime Authority. Clearly, we hope that this will be a fast process and that Lars is cleared of all suspicions”, concludes Jan Wäreby.

Lars Söderfjell leaves the Board immediately. The Company has at present no information whether any replacement will be appointed prior to the Annual General Meeting 2017.

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