Mühlbauer Group Launches Instant Issuance Solution with SCP-I for Banking Cards

By | April 29, 2016
Mühlbauer moreover provides the comprehensive instant issuance solution MB XenoFast.

The Mühlbauer Group has recently launched the new card personalization system SCP-I, designed for the instant issuance of banking cards. In combination with the software MB XenoFast, Mühlbauer provides a comprehensive solution for banks to issue new cards or replacements within only minutes, thus saving costs and increasing customer satisfaction.


Flexibility is expected

When opening a new account, it usually takes at least days to receive the new debit or credit card. The same applies to the replacement of stolen, lost or damaged cards, preventing the customer to make use of this tool for several days. The development of the customer behavior towards a constant increase of cashless payment transactions, however, demands flexible solutions in the finance sector, to meet this demand and to enable the banking institutes to remain competitive.

Instant issuance solutions allow the customer simply to enter his or her bank and – after verification of the identity – receive a new card for immediate use within only minutes. This meets the trend and adds to the customer satisfaction, if the bank ensures that the issuance or the replacement are easy, secure, fast and reliable for the customer.


Instant Issuance System SCP-I

Therefore the Mühlbauer Group developed the desktop card personalization system SCP-I for the instant issuance of banking cards. Mühlbauer determined several aspects as crucial to meet the market demands:

  • Compact and Cost-Efficient
    The system is compact with a small footprint and can be easily placed even in smaller offices or branches for a reasonable price.
  • Operator-friendly
    Simple and intuitive handling of the equipment is crucial.
  • Perfect Quality
    Although the industry strives to provide perfect quality in general, especially with a customer waiting for his card, optimized quality and zero-faults are needed with the end-results.

According to the individual customer requirements, different personalization technologies such as magnetic stripe encoding, chip encoding, dye sublimation, thermal transfer printing and embossing can be integrated in the modular system.


Comprehensive Solution

The highly modular solution MB XenoFast provides the complete range of systems, software and service needed for the setup of a customized instant issuance infrastructure. The customer thereby can rely on a global service infrastructure, for optimized support.

The instant issuance of cards provides a high level of flexibility and convenience for the card holder due to the immediate personalization and activation of the cards in shortest time. For the banks, however, there are also several aspects to consider which enable differentiation and a competitive advantage: As recently stated by the ICMA, the first time use of cards can be significantly increased due to instant issuance. Next to gaining further customer satisfaction, the costs for logistic can be reduced, since the cards don’t have to be posted individually. The increased profitability moreover leads to additional revenues. Highest security is provided due to compliancy with the latest EMV standards for instant issuance.


Live Experience

The Mühlbauer Group will be attending several industry events accompanying the launch of the SCP-I system and the Instant Issuance Solution. The system can be experienced live at

Technobank 2016

Belgrade, Serbia

May 11-12, 2016


Cards & Payments Middle East

Dubai, UAE

May 31-June 01, 2016


Drupa 2016

Düsseldorf, Germany

May 31-June 10, 2016


Cards Payment & Identification 2016

São Paulo, Brazil

June 15-17, 2016


and at the Mühlbauer Smart EMV Seminar in Tehran, Iran on July 13, 2016.

Originally published on Mühlbauer website on April 29, 2016.