SecureID Launches Smart Card Manufacturing Plant In Lagos

By | January 19, 2015

The commissioning of the SecureID smart card manufacturing plant happened today. The plant is the first EMV-certified smartcard manufacturing plant in Sub- Sahara Africa.

So, you may be worrying what this means. This means that we now have a local manufacturing plant that will be responsible for the production of 200 million smartcards on an annual basis. The plant will produce SIM cards locally for the telecoms industry and payment cards for the banking industry. It will also produce high security polycarbonate identity cards for the private and public sectors.

The plant was commissioned by the Minister of Communication Technology, Dr Omobola Johnson. Speaking at the commission, Dr Omobola remarked that:

SecureID smartcard manufacturing plant is a validation of the operation in local ICT sector

She added that this was a milestone in the development of a digital economy.

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SecureID is a pioneering indigenious company in the smartcard supply and personalisation space. Kofo Akinkugbe, CEO of SecureID disclosed that the plant is 100% owned by Nigerians and the workforce is 95% Nigerian.

Source: Tech Loy