UK – Smart Card Unveiled For Norfolk Public Transport

By | March 28, 2014

A smart travel card for use on bus journeys and the park-and-ride scheme has been unveiled in Norfolk.

Similar to London’s Oyster Card system, the Holdall card can be used on the park-and-ride in Norwich from 14 April when the system goes live.

The council says it hopes to extend the card’s use to school and college transport and eventually to pay for school dinners and library fines.

The card will have to be applied for online.

‘Easy and economical’

The idea for the smart card came from the council’s travel and transport services, and the fares will be cheaper than if paid for by cash .

David Harrison, cabinet member for environment, transport and waste said: “A smart card will be the easiest and most economical way to pay for park-and-ride.

“It’s already smarter than the successful Oyster card for London because it’s not just a cash-holding card.

“It also has the potential to be used in many other ways – as your library card, for example, or as a cashless way to pay for school meals or to provide access to a range of public services.”

The marketing campaign for the card will cost £30,000 over the coming months and is being paid for out of government funds.

Source: BBC